GraRan100...グラビアアイドル ランキング

掲載グラドル2000人超。人気グラビアアイドルのイメージビデオ、写真集、ランキングなどを紹介しています。You can find sweet Japanese bikini models here from thousands.


Welcome to Japanese bikini paradise! Information of image videos (IV), photobooks and top seller rankings are provided in this website. You can find sweet Japanese bikini models here from thousands.

1 カップ別 / Bra Size

Grouped by bra size to make it easier to find your favorites.

[微乳 / Small] A Cup B Cup

[適乳 / Just Enough] C Cup D Cup E Cup

[巨乳 / Big] F Cup G Cup

[爆乳 / Bomb] H Cup I Cup J Cup

[超乳 / Dynamite] K or bigger Cup

[Top Sellers in November 2023, No.1 – No.4]

2 年齢別 / Age Group

10代、20代 (前半、半ば、後半)、30代 (前半、後半)、40代以上で、グループ分けしています。
Grouped by age group into teens, 20’s (early, middle, late), 30’s (early, late) and over 30’s.

10代 / Teens

20代前半 / Early 20’s 20代半ば / Mid 20’s 20代後半 / Late 20’s

30代前半 / Early 30’s 30代後半 / Late 30’s

40代以上 / over 30’s

[Top Sellers in November 2023, No.5 – No.8]

3 GraRan100…ランキング / Top Sellers

The latest top seller rankings called “GraRan 100” counted every week.

週間 /Weekly 月間 / Monthly 年間 / Annual

[Top Sellers in November 2023, No.9 – No.12]

4 その他 / Hometown, Tall and Short

Grouped by hometown, tall (170cm or more) and short (under 150cm).

出身地 / Hometown 長身 / Tall Girls 小柄 / Short Girls

[Top Sellers in November 2023, No.13 – No.16]